Bitcoin over $ 50k again

By | 4 Mart 2021

Bitcoin over $ 50k again. Bitcoin saw more than $ 50k again on Wednesday after recording a decline yesterday with remarks made by the SEC presidential candidate.

Bitcoin fell on Tuesday after revelations from the US market regulator SEC’s presidential candidate, while it again saw over $ 50k on Wednesday.

The cryptocurrency rose more than 8 percent during the day, trading around $ 51,494, and depreciated close to 21 percent last week.

Steen Jakobsen, Managing Director of investment at Saxo Bank, said: “movements in Bitcoin and Ethereum give the impression that these assets are a barometer for measuring risk expectations.”

“The SEC needs to eliminate cryptocurrency fraud,” Gary Gensler, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission presidential candidate, said last night. Bitcoin was down 2.9 percent after the announcement.

Bitcoin over $ 50k again

Bitcoin over $ 50k again

Many experts do not find bitcoin safe due to its rapid movements and uncertainty. There are a lot of economists who say it’s a bubble.

Bitcoin, which is over 50 thousand, can fall hard at any moment. Therefore, investors should pay close attention.

It has the same problems in its sub-coins. Coin investing is a bit of an adventure when you can make gold and interest investments.

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