Istanbul Dam Occupancy Rates 2021

By | 3 Mart 2021

Istanbul Dam Occupancy Rates 2021? 2020 was very dry and Istanbul in Turkey and 1 January 2021 in Istanbul remained generally 18% water dam.

Dams started to receive water with 45 days of cold weather, rain and snowfall on and after January 15, 2021. On March 3, 2021, the water level was %  57 in general. 57% water level means that the summer months of 2021 are expected to pass without water problems.

Let’s look at the old articles and data and see how the water problem disappeared in 45 days today.

The expected precipitation in the summer and autumn of 2020 did not fall across the country. The date is January 30, 2021 There is not enough rain and snowfall yet.

Wheat was planted in Thrace because of the rain in October. However, wheat cultivation was not made in some regions, especially when the rain did not fall on the Konya plain. Although wheat was cultivated, no wheat came out. In 2021, Istanbul will experience water shortages and cuts. Therefore, IMM should take urgent measures and inform public service advertisements.

At the same time, iski and ibb should produce new water projects.

The people of Istanbul should be careful when using water and save money.

Istanbul General Dam occupancy rate is 39% now. Istanbul flour has 120 days of water left.

Today, the 14th of January, 2021, the occupancy rate has passed 25%.

Today, the 3 February 2021 occupancy rate was 43%.

Istanbul Dam Occupancy Rates 2021

Istanbul Dam Occupancy Rates 2021

How many dams are there in Istanbul? What are the names of the dams in Istanbul? What is the Istanbul Dam Occupancy Rate in 2021?

There are 10 dams.

Ömerli Dam 21%

Pabuçdere 6%

Sazlıdere 5.5%

Buyukcekmece 17%

Alibey 28%

Terkos 22%

Kazandere 4%

Apple 23%

Stenosis 50%

Strandja 87%

Most of the 17 million Istanbul water comes from Strandzha and melen stream. The water coming from Melen and Yeşilçay is reinforced to the dams.

Dam Occupancy Rates

Dam Name Dam Capacity (m3) Occupancy Rate (%) Description
Ömerli 51,032 21.68 Asia
Stenosis 54.689 50.87 Asia
Apple 2.287 23.82 Asian
Terkos 36.563 22.54 Europe
Alibey 9,721 28.47 Europe
Buyukcekmece 24.385 16.37 Europe
Sazlıdere 4,916 5.54 Europe
Istranca 1.729 27.75 Europe
Kazandere 0.704 4.04 Europe
Pabuçdere 3.670 6.27 Europe

What Everyone Should Do to Save Water

Wash the dishes not by hand, but in the dishwasher and in the most economical program.

Fill the dishwasher completely. Do not operate the machine that is half full.

Fill the washing machine completely and wash it in the most economical program.

Turn off the water while brushing teeth, open the water less while taking ablution, while taking a bath (shortening 1 minute means saving 40 liters of water)

The flush reservoir in the toilet is around 5 TL. 5 Lt of water is consumed every time you flush. If you put 1 liter of plastic bottle in the toilet water tank, you will save 1 liter of water in each flush.

Wash your carpets by carpet washing companies at regular intervals, not by hand.

Do not wash your cars before they get very dirty or wipe them with a 10 lt bucket with a cloth.

Clean with water when necessary.

If you have the opportunity to collect rainwater, you can collect it and use it outside of drinking water.

If you live in the village, you can collect the water you use in a rough pond and irrigate the garden and flowers instead of removing them.

Open the tap water less or reduce the fountain settings.

Do not play water games at home in the garden.

Do not use the water in the teapot.

We should irrigate the gardens and flowers not with tap water, but with a simple drip irrigation system or by collecting rainwater.

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